Ogston Sailing Club


There are more than twenty Enterprise dinghies at Ogston Sailing Club, making it one of the largest fleets at the club.


The Enterprise is a 4 metre, two-person hiking dinghy easily recognisable by its distinctive blue sails. Originally designed in 1956 by Jack Holt for the then News Chronicle, it has become hugely popular and is sailed in about a dozen countries around the world. It is an accredited International Class.


More than 23000 boats have now been registered, making it one of the largest classes of dinghy in the world. The class has attracted some of the biggest names in sailing and continues to do so attracted by quality racing and high turnouts for all abilities and ages, the boat is renowned for providing close tactical racing.


The Enterprise web site is http://www.sailenterprise.co.uk/

The Enterprise

For more information about the Enterprise fleet at Ogston, contact the fleet captain, Phil Wilson on enterprise@ogstonsc.co.uk 

Enterprise Open 2018


21st & 22nd April  Sat & Sun           N.O.R.