Ogston Sailing Club


The Fast Handicap fleet at Ogston Sailing Club is made up of many different classes of dinghy, if a dinghy has a Portsmouth Yardstick of 1066 or less then it may be part of the fast handicap fleet.


The most popular dinghies which make up the existing fleet are -


The Flying Fifteen, a two person 20' keel boat, with spinnaker http://www.flying15.org.uk/


The Albacore, a two person 15' dinghy http://www.albacore.org.uk/alb/


The Phantom, a high performance singlehander http://www.phantomclass.org.uk/w/


Other dinghies in the fast handicap fleet include the Fireball, Contender, Finn and K1

The Fast Handicap Fleet

For more information about the Fast Handicap fleet at Ogston, contact the fleet captain, Don Spencer on fasthandicap@ogstonsc.co.uk

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